Model-Glue: Sites

Below is a list of sites using the Model-Glue framework. If you do not see your site listed below, please contact Raymond Camden. (

ChallengeWave is a tool helping businesses reduce health care cost, worker compensation cost and keep employees engaged in their own health (

The Adobe Groups site is a worldwide user group management system built with ColdFusion 9, Model-Glue and ColdSpring (

This site is an online interface to a public SnipEx server for use with CFEclipse. Once you have registered and verified your account you will be able to upload your own code snippets that will be shared on our public server. By registering you will also be able to create your own custom server by subscribing only to the libraries that you are interested in. You don't have to register to use this service, you can simply plug the server URL listed here into CFEclipse to begin using the libraries and snippets hosted here. (

The official site for CFEclipse development.

Hobbs (

Leading UK Brand of women's fashion.

mp3salad (

A service that uses Google's search API to easily find, listen and download music.

iRovr (

iRovr is a unique social experience developed exclusively for the iPhone. Members can blog, share photos, bookmark urls and link to YouTube videos by sending emails to POP aliases created specifically for their account. With iRovr, you can broadcast your digital lifestyle without even having to log into the site in the device's browser. If you do not have access to an iPhone we suggest you visit using Safari 3 Beta for Mac and Windows to get the next best feeling for how the site looks and feels on the device.

Colorado Way Of Life (

Colorado Way Of Life is a Google Maps mash-up that allows visitors to contribute to a public map of Colorado activities.

Noriega Furniture ( is a fully functional shopping cart application with content management facility.

Stavanger2008 (

In 2008 Stavanger (norway) will be the European Capital of Culture. This is his official web site.

Mainstreet Lender (

Mainstreet Lender is a corporate website for a small business lender. Pretty basic website, but intended to be a foundation for more advanced features in the future. Built with ModelGlue 2 on CF7, SQL Server back end with some Spry and YUI sprinkled throughout.

whichfranchise Australia (

Franchise and Franchising Resources in Australia

Great Dental Websites (

A model-glue based application that allows Dentists to create and maintain their own fully featured dental websites. We have lots of dentists using it, all run from the same model-glue application. Facebook integration, twitter integration, etc,etc,etc. It's a pretty mature app, and it was all possible due to the simplicity and beauty of model glue!

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