Model-Glue: ColdFusion

Model-Glue: 3.2 RC 2 is newly available!

Model-Glue 3.2 now has a Release Candidate 2. This code has been used in production environments for a number of months and is close to the final release. All code passes Unit Tests, Load Tests and Integration tests, so please take it for a test drive.

Model-Glue: 3.1M is the best available production version

Model-Glue: "Gesture" Release (version 3.1.299): Download

Model-Glue 3, code named "Gesture," is a return to Model-Glue's roots of dead-simple MVC+II development. The version 3.1 series is the most up to date, actively developed version of Model-Glue.

The MG 3.1 release continues the hard hitting, high productivity nature of Model-Glue. Get yer 'Glue on with 3.1!

[Archive Only] Model-Glue: "Unity" Release

Last Updated Version: 2.0.304 - Download

Model-Glue: ColdFusion is designed to make it easier to use object-oriented models to create HTML-based applications. The version 2 family is here for archive purposes only. For active development, download version 3.

It enforces Model-View-Controller design, eases implicit invocation, does repetitive work for you, and plays well with other open-source ColdFusion frameworks.

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