The Model-Glue family of frameworks support Web application developers by making the construction of Object-Oriented Web and Rich Internet Applications a straightforward process.

Through a simple implementation of Implicit Invocation and Model-View-Controller, they allow applications to be well organized without sacrificing flexibility.

For a short list of web sites running Model-Glue, please visit our sites page. Contact Raymond Camden to have your site added to the list.

Model-Glue: ColdFusion

Currently Available Version: 3.1.299 - Download Learn More

Available Now: Model-Glue: 3.2 RC 2 3.2 RC2 - Download

Model-Glue: ColdFusion is designed to make it easier to use object-oriented models to create HTML-based applications.

It enforces Model-View-Controller design, eases implicit invocation, does repetitive work for you, and plays well with other open-source ColdFusion frameworks.

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Web Based Training for Model-Glue 3.1

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Model-Glue is:

  1. Unobtrusive.

    It's designed to be easy to use, letting you focus on business problems and user interface, not framework hoops.

  2. Enabling.

    It builds on ColdFusion as a productivity tool for writing Web applications.

  3. Strong but Simple.

    Model-Glue is based on Model View Controller and Implicit Invocation - but not at all complicated.

  4. Open.

    All code is released under the Apache Software License 2.0, meaning that it's free to download, use, and alter.

  5. Compatible.

    Model-Glue is lightweight enough to play well with others: it works with Model frameworks like Tartan and ColdSpring as well as Object/Relational Mapping frameworks like Reactor and Transfer.

What People Say About Model-Glue:

Model-Glue is the best thing for ColdFusion since the cfquery tag. It relieves me of worrying about application organization and lets me focus on what matters - the business requirements of the application.
Raymond Camden, VP of Technology for roundpeg

Model-Glue:Unity, by helping to eliminate a lot of tedious and redundant tasks, has allowed me to code more efficiently than I ever could have imagined.
Scott Stroz, Senior Web Developer, AboutWeb, LLC

Model-Glue has enabled me to quit building infrastructure and start solving my clients' problems. I Sniff The Glue!
Jared Rypka-Hauer, Adobe Community Experts

Model-Glue is more gooder!
Anonymously yelled at CFUnited 2005
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